Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5/4/3/2/1 NOTES # 5


5) *Not everything was perfect for David Beckham. He once got a red card during an England game, which meant a lot for their fans. This red card provoked many fans to hate David Beckham.


*David also missed a penalty during a playoff game and provoked hi team to lose that game.


*After some years with Manchester United, David decided to taste international soccer. And what a taste he had because he went to Real Madrid who by that time was one of the best teams in the world.


*In Real Madrid David Beckham was welcomed very good and people from Spain loved him.


*David Beckham would later leave the club and go to United States with LA Galaxy, where he was also received with gifts and big money.


4) * What provoked that David wanted to leave Manchester United?


*Why did Beckham go to Madrid instead of Barcelona?


*Did Beckham enjoy his teammates in Real Madrid?


*How much money did Galaxy pay for David Beckham?


3) *Whistle: screech.


*Pitch: playing field.


*Sexes: people from Essex, England.


2) * Metaphor: “I’ve had wolf whistles from blokes as well.” Page number 144.


1) In this part of the book, David’s other teams and accomplishments are presented to the reader. We now know that David played for only three professional teams, which were Manchester united, real Madrid, and LA Galaxy. Right now, David is playing for his fourth team, AC Milan.

5/4/3/2/1 NOTES # 4


5) *When David first made his debut, during his first game in the England’s National team; he scored the best goal of his career. He shot from the middle of the field and the goalkeeper could not stop that magnificent shot.


*During one of his games with Manchester United, one of the Spice girls, Victoria went to see the game. After the game, she met David in the Stadium’s bar.


*According to witnesses, David and Victoria’s first met became love in the first sight.


*Once they began to go out with each other, they did not announce it to anybody. It was Victoria’s friend who made it public.


*Sir Alex Ferguson did not agree with the relationship because he thought that it would affect David’s performance in the field.


4) * Why did they want to keep their relationship unknown for the public?


*What happened after they made their relationship public?


*What did they do to keep that relationship unknown?


*How would that relationship affect David’s performance in the field?


3) *Dash: sprint.


*mum: silent.


*sneak: slip.


2) *Hyperbole: “David Beckham would love soccer more than Victoria.” Pg. number 103.


1) Throughout this chapter, the relationship between David and Victoria has been told from the beginning of it. Also, details such as where they met and what they did to hide this relationship are presented.

Monday, June 8, 2009

5/4/3/2/1 NOTES # 3
“ARISE Sir David Beckham”

5) *David was fourteen years old when he first signed a contract for Manchester United.

*Beckham signed his contract in the day of his birthday. Sir Alex Ferguson was next to him when he did.

*He left his family to go in the fight for his dream. David went to Manchester to join the other recruits. It was the minor leagues for talents.

*Within the first months, Gary Neville had become David’s best friend, something that they still keep.

*David did not fell comfortable in the place the recruits had to be.

4) *Why didn’t Beckham want to stay with his teammates?

*Was Beckham a cocky guy?

*What was the main reason why Ferguson wanted the kids to be treated as adults?

*Is Beckham a model?

3) *adamant: obstinate.

*precedent: example.

*stalk: follow.

2)Foil: David Beckham is the footballer that Ronaldinho is not even tough they are as famous as each other.

1) In this chapter, Beckham’s beginnings with Manchester United and how he began his career as a pro soccer player. We also discover that David was always a man who liked to dress very well.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

5/4/3/2/1 NOTES # 2           

“ARISE Sir David Beckham”


5) *David Beckham played for a local team in which he scored many goals and was already being noticed by new coaches.


*Academically, David Beckham was not doing what the teachers hoped from him because he was too concerned about soccer.


*During one of his local games, one recruiter coach, who gave Beckham an opportunity to go to Barcelona for a soccer school, saw David.


*After that soccer school academy, David went back to England and won a soccer contest in which another offer was given to go to Barcelona again.


*During and after school Beckham was always thinking about soccer, which was something that would provoke future problems with school.


4) *What were David’s grades during his time in school?


*Who was David’s first coach?


*What did David do in Barcelona?


*Why didn’t Beckham stay on Barcelona?


3) *peer: equal.


*stamina: staying power.


*auspicious: favorable.


2) *Simile: “a good football coach is like a good school teacher.” Page number 8


Metaphor: “David Beckham seemed to be a god at soccer” page number 21


1) In this chapter, David’s life as a kid has been exposed even more. This seems to be still a process of exposition in the book. We now know how David’s academics were like and how his life in school was. Also, the love for the game that the whole family had, specially Ted and David, was big. 

5/4/3/2/1 NOTES # 1           

“ARISE Sir David Beckham”


5) *David Beckham is Ted and Sandra Beckham’s son.


*David Beckham’s whole name is David Robert Joseph Beckham.


*David Beckham’s father, Ted Beckham, was a devoted fan of Manchester United since he was a little boy and it was his dream to play for them. Nevertheless, it was David who would achieve that dream.


*Manchester United is one of the most famous teams throughout the world and perhaps the most famous one.


*Since a very young age Ted taught David all he knew about soccer but David was far more skilled than his own dad.


4) *Where is Essex located?


*Background information about Sandra?


*What age did Beckham get his first cleats?


*Who discovered David Beckham in the soccer field?


3) *fulfil: act in accordance with.


*ego: personality.


*mentor: adviser.


2) *Exposition: in this first chapter David Beckham’s background is presented to the reader.


1) In this chapter, David Beckham’s background has been exposed to the reader. Now we know that David Beckham was born in Essex, England and he is Ted and Sandra’s Beckham. We also know that Ted’s adoration for Manchester United was transferred to David Beckham who was going to accomplish the dream to play for Manchester United.

Monday, April 27, 2009

5/4/3/2/1 NOTES # 9

5) *Baba Quan was scared to leave Vietnam according to Mai and supposedly he would suffer by coming to this country as Mai expresses in on of her quotes "I imagined his slow agonies: a frail figure pacing the cement sidewalk below a row of corrugated roofs."

*Mai did not like the "help" that the United States was giving to her country. This feeling is shown when she says in page number 165, " The picture of a helicopter, courtesy of the American taxpayers, jackknifed headfirst into the ocean."

*Mai is very different from her mom in attitude behavior. Mai shows this fact in page number 166 when she says, " As my mother made the transition into the complex business of fully recovering, I seemed to be doing the reverse."

*The interview that Mai had about going to college had never answered back. It had been two months and nothing seemed to be a sign.

*Mai is has now come back to the story of their apartment in the American Continent.

4) *Why doesn't Baba Quan want to go to the United States?

*How would it be painful for Baba Quan to go to the United States?

*Where does Mai live right now?

*When did the Vietnam War ended completely?

3) *Vicinity: neighborhood.

*Hover: stay close.

*Hinge: turning point.

*Plausible: reasonable.

2) *Simile: "In Saigon like a lantern on a gray, motionless light" (164)

*Allusion: In page number 165, the narrator makes a reference to ABC News by giving them a role into the novel. This role is the informative role that they gave during the Vietnam War.

1) In this chapter, the narrator has come back to the topic of Baba Quan coming to the United States. She says that it would be an agony for Baba Quan to come to the United States. Besides, now the narrator has begun to talk about the apartment again.
5/4/3/2/1 NOTES # 8

5) *Mai learned to fight with the martial arts native from Vietnam. She also compared the college interview with one of the fights in which her parents taught her. She said that she felt as a fighter and she felt that the interviewer was her opponent.

*Apparently Mai has an army of fighters.

*Mai has fought against some kind of army together with her sister-the sister's name is not mentioned anywhere- and they have learned to survive.

*Even the government has an army "The governor's army had been massively equipped with the most up-to-date weapons.

*Mai has gone back to Vietnam to fight in the war.

4) *Who are the Trung sisters?

*What was the Chinese Invasion?

*Where did Mai get the Army?

*Why does this narrator changes bigly every time she moves from each chapter?

3) *Swamp: flood.

*Nomad: traveler.

*Foresight: prudence.

*Reinforced: resistant.

2) *Metaphor: " When the black sky."(120)

1) In this chapter, the author has weirdly changed her topic or theme to a theme of fighting and the way attacked with her army. This chapter truly hard to understand because of the way she radically changes her theme of focus.